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Megan SHAW 5 min read

Protect Your Systems From Within - An Introduction To Insider Threats

Is your cybersecurity plan focused only on external threats? Do you not consider issues ...
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Akshay Chaturvedi 2 min read

Announcement: DNIF Query Language Support Added to Sigma Rules

We are happy to share that our engineering team has contributed a translation backend for ...
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Shomiron DAS GUPTA 6 min read

Why cost is a barrier to good detection

It was Q3 of 2018, when we were running surveys across the globe, talking to analysts and ...
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Siddhant Mishra 6 min read

Best Practices to Manage Your SIEM Content

The basic foundation of security monitoring, detection and response depends on the ...
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Siddhant Mishra 8 min read

Return of BlackByte Ransomware

On February 11, 2022, FBI and Unites States Secret Service (USSS) released a joint ...
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Megan SHAW 4 min read

Demystifying The CERT-IN Direction

CERT-In is a nodal agency within the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology ...
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Shomiron DAS GUPTA 5 min read

CISO Roadmap: What to Prioritise in Your First 90 Days as a CISO

The role of CISO is more important than ever in this digital age. Given the increasing ...
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Megan SHAW 3 min read

Ransomware attacks and how to avoid them

The year 2021 has brought a new wave of cyberattacks that seem to be hurting the digital ...
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Shomiron DAS GUPTA 5 min read

Five challenges SOC teams face everyday

Security Operations Center (SOC) around the world are watching over critical ...
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