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Rachina Poojari 8 min read

Google Drive Monitoring with DNIF HYPERCLOUD

Google Workspace comprises a number of cloud-based productivity and collaboration tools ...
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Shomiron DAS GUPTA 6 min read

Opinion - Short term log retention has a problem

IMHO Retention of log events has not been discussed enough. In my interaction with ...
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Megan SHAW 8 min read

Threat Hunting: Methodologies, Tools, and Tips

Threat hunting is the practice of proactively and continuously searching for cyber ...
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Megan SHAW 5 min read

Cloud Security Monitoring - A Complete Guide

Cloud security monitoring consists of various processes that aid organisations in ...
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Megan SHAW 4 min read

An Introduction to Security Analytics

Enterprises cannot predict the future, particularly when security threats are involved. ...
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Megan SHAW 3 min read

Building a Security Operations Centre? Read this!

A company falls victim to a cyberattack every 39 seconds! 
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Megan SHAW 4 min read

Demystifying The CERT-IN Direction

CERT-In is a nodal agency within the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology ...
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Megan SHAW 1 min read

Case Study: Akati Sekurity

Presenting a highly scalable solution Partnering with DNIF HyperScale SIEM provided Akati ...
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Megan SHAW 7 min read

Your SOC Quick Start Guide

Cybersecurity threats are now more common, dangerous, and difficult to detect and defend. ...
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Adarsh Shetty 4 min read

Detecting Spring4Shell (CVE-2022-22965) Exploitation Using DNIF HYPERCLOUD

What is Spring4Shell? Spring4Shell is the name given to a critical remote code execution ...
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