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Megan SHAW May 10, 2022 3:40:30 AM 1 min read

Case Study: Akati Sekurity

Presenting a highly scalable solution

Partnering with DNIF HyperScale SIEM provided Akati Sekurity with a solution that can scale to their requirements with minimum effort.

Akati Sekurity sought a solution that would fit their requirement to run an MSS. “Users should be able to detect, validate and respond on the same console” explains Krishna, ”and we decided to go with DNIF because we were looking for a complete solution which covers the entire detection to remediation landscape.”

They found a solution with extensive next-gen capabilities for threat detection and response in DNIF. They were able to integrate devices and third-party applications and leveraged DNIF’s capabilities to build custom content and improve their detection coverage.

DNIF HyperScale empowers security teams by giving them SIEM, SOAR and UEBA in a single product, single licence; negating the need for understanding and integrating multiple solutions thus reducing the resource overhead.

Visibility is key

Visibility is the first step in automating incident analysis and response. DNIF provides Akati Sekurity complete visibility into all traffic of their customers and then helps them to find anomalies in behaviour. DNIF enables Akati Sekurity maintain a comprehensive view of all their customers through a single console while allowing protected access to each customer environment.

Click here to read more on how Akati Sekurity a global MSS provider leverages DNIF HYPERCLOUD for active threat detection and response.

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